Things to Do with "watch"

Glue a quarter to the sidewalk and watch people attempt to pick it up.

Put a blanket on your dogs and just watch them try to get it off them.

Go to the store and then don't buy anything. Just wander around and watch your life waste away.

Put your hand in someone's hood and pretend you put something in it and watch them react.

Occasionally dab in public and see how many people stare at you or watch you.

Superglue a coin to the wall and watch peoples reactions.

Glue a quarter to the street and watch from a distance.

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Meow continually and watch how irritated people get.

Glue your friend's phone case on a table and put your friend's phone in it..... watch your friend trying to pick it up.

Go watch try not to laugh videos on's so flipping funny!


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