20 Funniest Things to Do

1) Call a random person and tell them you can't talk right now.

2) Try to figure out what color a smurf will turn if you choke it.

3) Go into a store with a small group of friends and act like spies.

4) Google yourself and click the first thing that pops up.

5) Go On Google Earth And Try Find Hogwarts.

6) With your friends, buy toy guns at Walmart then run around the store shooting each other.

7) Put on green clothes and act like a plant outside in your front lawn.

8) Next time you go outside bark at your neighbors dog.

9) Google your name and see what pops up.

10) Type in your name as a URL or in Google search, and see who you really are.

11) Try to eat 4 crackers in a minute (impossible).

12) Sit outside and say hi to random people you see walking.

13) Run into a store and ask someone what year it is. When they respond yell IT WORKED" then run out.

14) Send someone a text with a smiley face next to every word to creep them out.

15) Type your own name on Google and see if any stalkers made websites about you!

16) Go outside and follow the first person you see for as long as you can.

17) Walk your stuffed animal down the street.

18) Give all of your friends nicknames describing there personality.

19) Walk into Walmart and scream OMG ONE DIRECTION IS OUTSIDE. See how many girls run outside.

20) Text your friend at 2 in the morning saying, "Do you know the muffin man?"