20 Best Things to Do

1) Visit a child with cancer and make their day better.
2) Waste time on this website.
3) Try to eat air.
4) Google your name.
5) Look at this website while your friend is watching and press the "done it" button on everything.
6) Google your name and see what pops up.
7) Be awesome.
8) Build a fort out of blankets and chairs in your house.
9) Make a fort out of blankets and chairs.
10) Be on this website just because there is nothing better to do and you are bored.
11) Try to lick your tongue... JUST DO IT!
12) Eat chocolate.
13) Type "Zerg Rush" Into google search bar! So Cool!
14) Build a fort in your living room.
15) Give a homeless person money or food.
16) Put on socks and run and slide on your hard wood floors.
17) Search your name and see if it means anything.
18) Try and balance the light switch between on and off!
19) Read random sites on what to do when bored.
20) Eat cake.