16 Really Weird Things to Do

These will most likely not help you gain any friendships.

  1. Put your cell phone on vibrate. Then put it in your mouth and tell all your friends to call you.
  2. Get your iPod and up the headphones in your nose and put your fingers in your ears and listen to the music.
  3. Put glue on your shoes and try to walk on walls.
  4. Moan and groan as you rub your face on a wall.
  5. Lick a wall and try to find a word to describe the taste.
  6. Nail a sandwich to a wall.
  7. Staple bologna to a tree.
  8. Get clear tape and wrap it around your face and run around Walmart asking for apples.
  9. Eat an apple and imagine it suffering during each bite you take.
  10. Talk to the little man on your shoulder.
  11. Go outside with no pants on and a bra over your shirt screaming "I have scissors!"
  12. Sew your pant legs together to see what its like to be a mermaid on land.
  13. Try to pull all of your face towards your nose and make the most obnoxious noise possible.
  14. Fight an epic battle with your rug.
  15. Make faces on your toes, and sit in a grocery store and have conversations with them.
  16. Scream and violently hit a vending machine demanding your baby back.
  17. Check out more things with "lick"

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Lie on the ground and lick your elbow. If you don't succeed, try, try, again. XD

Try to lick your knee without bending your leg.

Look at the picture in the top corner of the guy trying lick his elbow.

Pretend to lick your hand and touch the person who is nearest to you.

Try to lick the bottom of your foot.

Try and lick your elbow, bet you cant do it!

Go see a movie and lick gummy bears to make them sticky enough to throw at the projector.

Lick your elbow! Lick someone else's elbow!

Go over to a cat, lick it, purr, and walk away like nothing happened.

Stare into a stores window, point at a person then lick the glass.