18 Prank Call Ideas

Those poor, poor minimum wage employees.

  1. Call: Anybody
    When they answer act like they called you.
  2. Call: A Random Number
    Act like you know who they are.
  3. Call: Pizza Hut
    Ask for the phone number to Domino's. If they give it to you, call them and ask them for Pizza Hut's number.
  4. Call: Walmart
    Try to reserve a shopping cart.
  5. Call: Pizza Place
    Ask to rent a pizza.
  6. Call: Any Business
    Say, "To speak to a customer, press 1." See if they press it.
  7. Call: McDonald's
    Ask for a reservation.
  8. Call: Anybody
    Ask, "Is this the Krusty Krab?" If they say, "You might have the wrong number..." say, "No, this is Patrick!"
  9. Call: Pizza Place
    Talk about the difficulties of being a vegetarian, then order a pepperoni pizza.
  10. Call: Subway
    Ask when the next train is leaving.
  11. Call: Any Store
    When they ask, "May I help you?" say, "No, I'm just looking."
  12. Call: McDonald's
    Say that you are stuck in their bathroom and someone needs to come and help you get out.
  13. Call: Any Place
    Keep on asking the same questions but in different accents.
  14. Call: Anybody
    Ask "Is this Luke?" When they ask who you are, say "I am your father."
  15. Call: Petsmart
    Convince them that your fish has drowned.
  16. Call: Anybody
    When they pick up, just breathe deeply.
  17. Call: Pizza Place
    On New Years Eve at 11:55, order a pizza, then at 12:01, New Year's Day, call and complain, "I ordered this last year!"
  18. Call: Two Anybodies (On 2 Phones)
    Put the phones together so they can talk to each other.
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But wait! There's more!

Call any contact on your list and say "can you call my phone, i cant find it.

Call someone and when they answer say "please press 1 to continue your call" and see what they do.

Get a really creepy ring tone for your phone, hide it under a friend's/ family members bed, call it using the home phone at 2 am, laugh evilly.

Call someone and when they answer act like they called you.

Call your friend at 3 am and start yelling at them for calling you at 3 am.

Give everyone you know nicknames, and refuse to call them anything but that.

Prank call Walmart and say your in their bathroom and you need more toilet paper, get the reaction.

Call a pizza place and call your friend and hold the two phones together.

Drag a friend into a crowded room with your phone and make a pretend call and say "I have the body, now what do I do".

Call your best friend(Punch in *67 first, so they don't recognize your number) and when they pick up, say in a really creepy voice-"I'm close..." then hang up. About ten minutes later, call them again, and this time say-"I'm closer..." Then, about ten minutes LATER

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