Things to Do with "eat"

Look around the house for something to eat then don't stop eating until your out of that object.

Get get a non toxic glue stick start to clear out the glue and then put start putting starburst in the glue stick and eat it in front of people.

Go to Nothing Bundt Cakes and eat all of the free samples.

Whenever someone tries to eat something, make a suffering sound in a very high voice. AHHHHH!

Fill a mayo jar with vanilla pudding. Go in public and eat from the jar. See how many people look at you with a disgusted face.

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Put vanilla pudding in a sunscreen bottle eat at the beach or outdoor pool.

Get in an elevator and sit on the ground, then eat wheat bread and sit there on the floor of the elevator eating wheat bread with a straight face.

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Take a piece of bologna and just, well you know, eat it. Then take another piece and oh my goodness, that's right, eat that one too.

Eat food and then eat more food and then eat depression food *candy and ice cream* and then eat some more food...

Go though a drive thou and when you get your food stop your car and eat in the drive thru.