Things to Do with "eat"

Color a lemon orange and try to get people to eat it.

Go to a mall and eat all the samples.

Walk into McDonald's and eat Burger King at one of their tables.

Put toothpaste on the White part of Oreo's and wait and watch the people eat them.

Fill a mayo jar with vanilla pudding. Go in public and eat from the jar. See how many people look at you with a disgusted face.

Put mayonnaise in someone vanilla icecream (or any flavour with the same colour as mayo) and wait until they eat it.

Bake a pie and then eat the whole thing.

Submit one of your own things to do:

Get get a non toxic glue stick start to clear out the glue and then put start putting starburst in the glue stick and eat it in front of people.

Take jelly beans combine all them together and eat them.

Order pizza and then eat it.


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