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1) Try to eat air.
2) When someone says, "grab a seat" literally grab a chair and walk out of the room.
3) Eat all the free samples you can get.
4) Go watch a horror movie in the theaters and scream at the parts that aren't the least bit scary.
5) Get caught passing a note that says the teacher is great! See what happens.
6) Go to McDonald's and ask for a sad meal, then yell SAD PEOPLE HAVE TO EAT TOO!!
7) Eat chocolate.
8) Eat cookies.
9) Eat Ice Cream.
10) Ask a vegetarian if they eat animal crackers.
11) After the pizza guy repeats your order, say "Once more, this time with a little more OOMPH.".
12) Eat food.
13) With a serious face, order a diet water whenever you go out to eat.
14) When in an elevator with only one other person,stare at them and breathe heavily.
15) Dress as a chicken, go to KFC and shout at people "YOU'RE EATING MY BABIES!!!
16) Eat cake.
17) Call someone. When they pick up, just breathe deeply.
18) Poke something or someone to the beat of a song.
19) At the end of someone sentence, repeat and add .com to the end. This gradually annoys people.
20) Put vanilla pudding in a Elmer's Glue container and go around in public eating from it!