Best Things to Do with "eat"

Lay in bed watch tv and eat food.

Get in an elevator and sit on the ground, then eat wheat bread and sit there on the floor of the elevator eating wheat bread with a straight face.

Fill a mayo jar with vanilla pudding. Go in public and eat from the jar. See how many people look at you with a disgusted face.

Make a video of yourself drumming to your favorite music with 2 beef jerky sticks. As the song is going on, proceed to slowly eat them until there is no jerky at the end of the song. Post it on facebook, or any other social media website, and see the reactions.

Make a meal you've never tried before and eat it.

Walk into McDonald's and eat Burger King at one of their tables.

Color a lemon orange and try to get people to eat it.

Put toothpaste on the White part of Oreo's and wait and watch the people eat them.

Go to a mall and eat all the samples.

Fill a Mayo jar with ice cream and eat it in the streets.

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