Things to Do with "talk"

Go to Walmart and get into the big box of teddy bears and talk to people who walk by.

Walk up to someone and talk to them like you've known them for years.

Talk to the people talking on the TV and act like your having a conversation.

Take your dog for a walk and talk to them like they are a real person. See how many people notice

Go to a store, buy a banana and talk to it like it is a phone.

Draw a faces on your fingers(one face per finger). Then talk to your fingers.

Go up to a stranger and talk into your watch - " Suspect 342 found" then run away.

Submit one of your own things to do:

Walk up to a stranger and talk really loud.

Talk to strangers like you've known the for years, and use a different name each time you talk to them.

Go to Walmart and pretend to talk to someone on the phone then describe a person close to you on the phone.


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