Random Things to Do When You're Bored

Turn on a ceiling fan then look up at it and spin in the same direction and try to keep up to it.

Yell infinity and beyond! As loud as you can jump into the air fall and crawl away slowly.

Annoy a friend or a parent or( anyone near you) and say a word over and over again.

Stare at someone and shake your head and sigh.

Eat a waffle like it is a pancake.

Get a potato,draw a face on it,and throw it at someone. Then pick it back up and scold it like a pet.

Hide in a bush, and when someone walks by squirt them with a squirtgun.

Get lots of glitter and if someone walks by throw a little glitter on them.

Go to a pet store and formally introduce yourself to every animal :].

Constantly call you friend and yell your gonna suffer and hang up.