Random Things to Do When You're Bored

Be a weirdo cause you are.

If your bored and have absolouly have nothing todo You Can I Dont Know Read.

Get together a group of friends. One person says a word, then the next person goes. Everyone take turns saying a word and make a silly story that doesn't make sense!

Stand on the sidewalk and stare up like if you see something interesting, see if others will follow.

Try to balance the light switch between on and off, you get a surprise if you do it right!

Post on this site when you're not 13 or older.

Describe your life in one sentence.

Sneeze into your elbow to make it look like a dab, at the dinner table or public for best effect. ;)

Whenever you get your car damaged put a band-aid on it.

Move someones stuff like you are going to sit there, and then don't sit down.