Things to Do When You're Bored

1. Have a texting conversation with yourself (on a group chat so people can witness too)!

2. Get one of your friends who's a guy to dress up like a king, dress up as a clown and pretend to fight with fast food. (McDonald's vs Burger king)

3. Text a random number "i know where you live...".

4. Text someone random a roses are red, violets are blue poem that you found or made up. Screen shot their reply.

5. Go to your brothers closet hide in there till he comes in then open the door and throw his things at him.

6. Text someone I have a pizza joke, then tell them never mind it is to cheesy.

7. Go outside, and stare at a tree and yell a random name at the tree and say, GET DOWN HERE!

8. When your home alone and you see people outside, open your window and screm "HOW COULD YOU!!" and hide

9. Go to school and say to a friend do you like school and when they reply say sh I'm trying to learn.

10. Dress like pac-man and have your friends dress like the ghosts (inky, blindly, pinky, and clyde). Chase your friends around in public like pac-man.