Random Things to Do When You're Bored

Go into a clothing store and pretend to be a plastic model in the window.

Look a a wall and have a full fledged conversation with it then runaway crying.

Look up your name in different languages.

Grab a marshmallows shooter thing, and stale, hard marshmallows.Then go to an overhead balcony somewhere and try to snipe people :D

When your sitting on a bench if some one comes to sit next to you turn your head and stare at them.

Roll down a hill and get other people to do it to.

Smudge chocolate on your hand. Then put your hand near someone and watch them run or just see their expression

Put some duct tape on someone's doorbell.

Pretend to be a ninja and see if anybody notices you, because you are an invisible ninja.

Bet your friend five dollars that they can lick their elbow, because its impossible.