Best Things to Do When You're Bored

Ask someone were the best place to hide a body would be.

Walk into a furniture store and hide under one of the kids bed and if anyone comes to the bed you under grab the foot and pull it under.

Go to a pet store and formally introduce yourself to every animal :].

Become a hallway ninja and surprise your dog.

Go sit on your mailbox and greet people who walk/run by with "Hi, Welcome to Subway...".

Wear a crazy hat out in public and watch people's reactions.

When you see someone sleeping with their mouth open put hot sauce in it.

While you are eating look at the person sitting next to you in a weird way.

Go to a grocery store and yell I'm rich and throw Monopoly money everywhere. Look around to see how many stares you get.

Go to a museum and pretend you are a statue.

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