Things to Do with "write"

Get piece of paper, write turn over on both sides and give to someone dumb.

Draw a really bad drawing of a fish and write missing. Go in McDonalds crying and give the cashier the paper. Its hilarious -CC

Go to a school before recess, write out a creepy statement out of acorn tops, and walk around in a field like your doing laps and see what happens.

Try to draw with the hand you don't write with.

Draw and write some true quotes down.

1. Do every thing... but don't write (I'm bored ) on Facebook again!😊😁

Poke a hole in an egg, empty it and write a story about what it is and leave it on someones door step.

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Get a bunch of sticky notes write haha on them and stick them everywhere :D.

Go for a walk. Write ideas from this site on sticky notes and put them on your neighbor's doors.

Go to school early and write on the white board "(your name), YOU are the chosen one!" Then leave and enter the class normally like everyone else.


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