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1) Climb a tree by a sidewalk and talk to people walking by...make sure they can't see you.
2) Call a Chinese restaurant on 1 phone and a pizza place on another phone.let them talk to each other.
3) Call the operator on 2 different phones and put the phones together so they can talk to each other (.
4) Talk to your friends with random accents.
5) Talk to someone in English and say "I don't speak English".
6) When some one gets mad at you and says talk to the hand high five it.
7) Sit in an office elevator in a lawn chair all day and talk to the people who get on!
8) Talk to a friend using as many song names in your conversation as possible and still make sense.
9) Go to Walmart and get into the big box of teddy bears and talk to people who walk by.
10) Talk to someone and suddenly fall asleep on them!
11) Call a random number and when they pick up shout: I don't talk to STRANGERS...
12) Go up to someone you don't know, hug them, and talk to them in "another language".
13) Talk to a friend while looking at their chin and making faces and count how many times they say um.
14) Go in a stall in a public restroom and talk to yourself.
15) Talk to your cat by meowing.
16) Go up to random people and talk to them like you know them well.
17) Enter an elevator with someone you know, when they try to talk to you say, Do I know you?
18) Call your friend and try to talk to them by singing.
19) Talk to a random stranger and say "you dropped your pockets" and see him or her looking down.
20) Talk to your teacher using as many song titles as possible.make it make sense.