Best Things to Do with "talk to"

Draw a faces on your fingers(one face per finger). Then talk to your fingers.

Talk to strangers like you've known the for years, and use a different name each time you talk to them.

Go to a store, buy a banana and talk to it like it is a phone.

Go to Walmart and pretend to talk to someone on the phone then describe a person close to you on the phone.

Go to Walmart and get into the big box of teddy bears and talk to people who walk by.

Get a stuffed animal, like a dog, and pretend it is real(ex: walk on leash, pet it, talk to it). see what people do.

When you are at a traffic light, open your window and talk to the person next to you about erasers.

When someone tries to talk to you or a teacher is talking, start coughing like crazy and then, after a while, just stop and stare at them. When they start talking again, start coughing again. And so on.

When a casual is teaching you, try to match their acent when they talk to you.

Turn on the TV with your friend and talk to the guy on the screen.

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