Newest Things to Do When You're Bored

1) Stare at the guy on this page licking his elbow.

2) Go to a public place and yell "I LIKE TURTLES" as loud as you can!

3) When you go into a bathroom (public) put boy shoes on your hands. and put Jeans on your arms. and jeans on your legs. girls shoes on and say (uh yeah yeah baby ohhhhhh yeah *kiss noises* only for tweets and teens

4) Eat 5 chocolate chips and with every one, pretend that the chips are suffering. 😭WHYYYYYYY?!?

5) Put up a lost dog poster with your sister on it.

6) Scream "DIE POTATO DIE!" in a grocery store while pointing at a potato.

7) Do the next one you read 👇👇👇.

8) Call triple zero and tell them your imaginary friend is fatally injured.

9) Look extremely tired and go to your family and sing the first line of shake it of (I stay up to late, got nothing in my brain).

10) Try to lick under your knee.