Things to Do with "jump"

Make a huge hill of pillows then jump into them like your sky diving.

Stare at the sky while spinning around really fast then try to jump on something.

Go into an elevator with your friend and press all the buttons jump out and leave them in there.

Act like spider man and jump from furniture to furniture but don.

Spin around for thirty seconds then jump up and down see if you can do it.

Go into an elevator, push all the floor buttons, jump out of the elevator and walk away calmly.

Hide behind someone who's sitting on the sofa and when they're about to get up jump on them and pull them back onto the sofa.

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Go outside and jump rope 50 times, turn around 7 and run 1 lap.

Yell infinity and beyond! As loud as you can jump into the air fall and crawl away slowly.

Go into an elevator wait till its full than jump and yell "we're falling!".


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