Things to Do with "elevator"

Get in an elevator and sit on the ground, then eat wheat bread and sit there on the floor of the elevator eating wheat bread with a straight face.

Go to an elevator with someone in it and push all the buttons and run out before the door closes.

Go into an elevator and Press all the buttons and walk out before the doors close. He he he

Go into an elevator with a piece of chalk, draw a square in the corner and declare it 'your space'. Hiss at anyone who goes inside the square.

Go to a really tall building, then in the elevator press all the buttons.

Get in an elevator alone and when someone comes in hiss like a cat see if they leave the elevator.

Press all the buttons on a elevator and get off in the first floor.

Once you get out of an elevator (with people in it), press all the buttons before you get out.

Set up a tent in an elevator and act like you are camping.

Go into an elevator with your friend and press all the buttons jump out and leave them in there.


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