Things to Do with "elevator"

Push all of the buttons in an elevator in a office building.

Go in a elevator and wait for the door to open and when it Does yell and make a scary face.

Stand in an elevator and make explosion noises whenever someone presses a button.

In a elevator hide in the corner and stare at whoever comes in.

Get in an elevator and sit on the ground, then eat wheat bread and sit there on the floor of the elevator eating wheat bread with a straight face.

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Random Game Button

Go to a really tall building, then in the elevator press all the buttons.

In an elevator full of people, have a conversation on the phone about where to leave the dead body.

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Bring tables/chairs into a busy elevator and play cards with your friends.

Go into an elevator with your friend and press all the buttons jump out and leave them in there.

Get in to an elevator when someone is in it, bring two chairs then hit all the buttons and sit down, give the other person the other chair.