Things to Do with "wave"

Climb a tree ,and wave at people in cars .....see how many wave back [tested]

Walk down the main street and wave to every car. See how many people wave back.

Go on the street and wave "Hi" to the drivers.

When somebody raises their hand at school high five them or wave back.

When you're at school look at the cameras either with an evil look or wave at the security guard.

Wave at a stranger, if they wave back, stare at them appalled and be like, "I don't even know you".

Sit on the sidewalk and wave at every car that passes by. See how many people wave back.

Submit one of your own things to do:

Wave to cars and hope that they wave back, try to get the cars with eight wheels to honk for you!1

Wave to everyone that walks by you, see if they wave back.


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