Things to Do with "throw"

In winter put snowballs in your freezer, then in summer throw them at people who are sunbathing.

Wait until it snows, place a snowball in a freezer and throw it at someone in the summer.

Make a giant water balloon and throw it at someone.

Hide somewhere that your whole body fits and when people walk by throw a cookie at them.

Drag a blanket around the house. When a parent comes, throw the blanket on top of yourself and act like a shapeless lump.

When life gives you lemons throw them at people.

Go to the St. Patrick's Day Parade and throw Lucky Charms at the walking paraders.

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Give someone a death stare, then throw a cookie at them and run away.

Shake up a soda can, hit it with a hammer 1 time and then throw it on the ground to make a soda bomb.

Get some water in your hands , sneeze then throw the water on some ones neck.


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