Things to Do with "homeless"

Open a bake sale. Donate all the money ( and leftover baking ) to the homeless and poor.

Buy a book, hamburger, blanket, coke, and skittles. Give it to a homeless person while smiling.

Go to walmart, buy a bag of food and hand it to the homeless people who stand by the parking lot.

By a bottle of water for a homeless person.

Buy 100 hamburgers at McDonald's that are a dollar and go to where homeless people are and hand them out.

Take a person that is homeless and buy them cloths, food, and a hotel to stay in.

Give strangers, homeless people, and friends gifts for no reason whatsoever. (:

Submit one of your own things to do:

Go to the homeless people and give them money Make them at least smile :).

Bring food to a homeless shelter.

Give a homeless person a bag with food and stuff in it.


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