Things to Do with "good"

Find stray pets and try to find them a good home.

The Only thing that you can also be able to get a free shopping resource for the best way to get a good idea to have a great day.

Help some body have a good day.;) :)

Try to fold a piece of paper more than 7 times.... Good luck! .

Riggs by six an day good been most John king.

Clean out your refrigerator for your parent by eating all the good foods.

If you are being bullied and cannot find any good comebacks just look on Google. (It really helps)

Submit one of your own things to do:

Ask a person on the street, "My good Sir/Lady, Why are you still standing here listening to my question?"

Draw a really good picture, show it to the family and when your done, put it in an envelope and post it to another country.

Laugh for no good reason.


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