Prank Call Ideas

Call somebody and tell them that you called them to ask them for their phone number.

Call any place and keep on asking the same questions but in different accents.

Call Panago and ask for Pizza Hut's number.

Prank call somewhere like GameStop and say "I ordered pizza a hour ago just wondering when it's coming".

Call Mc. Donlds and ask where Wendy's is and say they have better burgers.

During class just fall on the floor overdramatically and then get up like nothing happened.

Have a taekwondo match with your buddy!

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Call someone (you know) and do a weird accent. See what they will do.

Call: Anyone. Pretend to be a concerned doctor and ask if the butt cream worked.

Pretend to aim a rubber band at someone for awhile, but don't. Watch the reaction. It's FUNNY.


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