Best Prank Call Ideas

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Call: Any bowling place Ask: "Do you have 10 pound balls?" When they say "yeah." Ask: How on earth do you walk!?!?!

When a telemarketer calls you, ask them if you can order a large pepperoni pizza.

Call a barber shop and complain that you got a haircut but the hair grew back.

Call pizza hut and order a cheese burger.

When a family member calls, keep saying "hello" again and again like you cant hear them and then hang up.

During class just fall on the floor overdramatically and then get up like nothing happened.

Call sombody and tell them about lunch and how good the chicken nuggets were.

Call any contact on your list and say "can you call my phone, i cant find it.

Say to someone "Somebody called you an owl" and if they say "Who?" Laugh.

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