Prank Call Ideas

Get someone's phone when they are not looking and change all their contacts to " I'm calling" or " pick up the phone"

Put up a lost phone poster with your. Phone number and if someone calls, yell "DID YOU FIND MY PHONE"

Call someone asking if they'd call your phone because you lost it.

Call a tobacco store and ask if they have prince Albert in a can. When they say yes ,say let him out

Call pet shop and say hello can I have every type of animal in a funny voice and then start laughing weirdly.

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18 Prank Call Ideas
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During class just fall on the floor overdramatically and then get up like nothing happened.

Do a prank call and say that you are sick 😷.If they say'wrong no.'argue with them

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Go to a farm in a pig's costume and stare at the farmer until he calls the cops then run like the wind.

Call your best friend and say hi and once they start a conversation say "WHO ARE YOU! DON'T CALL ME.

When someone calls you, say "Hello I'd like to order a large cheese pizza." and hang up.