Things to Do with "bottle"

Land a bottle flip with 3/4 of the water in it. It is possible!

Empty a bottle of Windex, wash it out, fill it with blue Gatorade and walk down the street drinking it.

Get a sprite bottle fill it up with salty water and give it to your friend see their face.

Go to a grocery store with a bottle of spray disinfectant, follow some one around and spray everything they touch.

Clean out (really good) a bottle of windex and put blue gatorade in it and spray it in your mouth in public:}.

Put vanilla pudding in a sunscreen bottle eat at the beach or outdoor pool.

But a cream in a bottle the same size as your toothpaste bottle . See how many people use the cream

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Fill up a water bottle a quarter way up, draw a face on it, and name it (I named mine Bob) and play with Bob.

Zip-tie a febrezee bottle open and put it in someone's room.

Fill an empty coke bottle with soy sauce and Sprite, stick it in the fridge for someone. Watch what happens, it's hilarious.


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