21 Things to Do While You're Not Wearing Pants

Keep your underwear on, folks. This isn't THAT kind of list.

  1. Yell triumphantly, "No Pants!" to impress those around you.
  2. Dance. Dance like you've never danced before.
  3. Check out how awesome your underwear is. If it's not awesome, consider buying new underwear.
  4. Do a video job interview with the top half of your body dressed up in a nice suit.
  5. Check to make sure your legs are actually symmetrical.
  6. Balance out your body heat by putting on a hat and scarf.
  7. Play video games, obviously.
  8. Fold your pants up neatly. Yeah!
  9. Do some leg stretches, especially if you're older.
  10. Find a way to do the knee tap reflex thing that doctors do.
  11. Consider putting pants back on, but then don't.
  12. Keep your pants at your ankles and waddle around like a penguin.
  13. Make sure your underwear matches your shirt. Wouldn't want to look silly.
  14. Put your arm by your leg and figure out how many of your arms it would take to make a leg.
  15. Put on a dress or kilt and twirl around until you're dizzy and regret twirling around so much.
  16. Try to put something in your pocket, then realize that you no longer have pockets, then get slightly annoyed.
  17. Obtain the largest shirt that you can and see if it reaches down far enough to keep you fully covered.
  18. Take a nap. You may never want to nap with pants on again.
  19. Put on more underwear then take it off in front of somebody so people think they'll see your butt, but nope! More underwear.
  20. Spill something on your leg and admire the fact that it's now much easier to clean up.
  21. Time how long you can go without pants, then get mad at whoever interrupts your streak.
  22. Check out more things with "pants"

But wait! There's more!

Walk into a "no shirts, no shoes, no service" place with no pants on.

Pull up someone's pants who is sagging.

Wear your pants inside out and see how many people notice.

Go up to a person and pull down there pants and yell 'HIS NAKED!' and then run off.

Fork It!

Put two balloons in your butt side of your pants then walk into walmart and fall on your butt by somebody and you pushed me so hard you popped my but.

Go up to someone while they are sleeping and whack them to the point they wake up with a hot dog and zip up your pants to where they can see it. Film it!

dare your friend to twerk and wait for there pants to split

Sorry, nothing left to see here at the moment.

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