Things to Do with "2"

Go in a crowd poke 2 people that are faceing the oppisite way from each other see what happens. ;P

Listen to 2 completely different songs at the same time, see what it sounds like.

Find 2 people facing opposite ways, poke both of them then run away.

Hello Random Person Looking At This Awesome Website I Can Give You 2 Choices If You're Bored: 1. Submit Something. 2. Just Do One Of These Weird And Crazy Things.

Make Up 2 Languages. First, Make a fancy language, that actually sounds like a real one. Then, make a silly one. BECOME FLUENT!

Get 2 detectives to follow each other.

Go to Walmart with a list of 10 items to find. Make 2 teams and see who can get back to the entrance first. Make them show the receipt to prove it.

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