15 Socially Awkward Things to Do Today

  1. Tell a joke that only you understand.
  2. Give someone a hug while you're standing and the other person is sitting.
  3. Ask people questions as they're taking a mouthful of food so they're forced to stare at you as they rapidly chew and make stupid faces and hand gestures.
  4. Get a subtle haircut so people aren't sure whether or not to comment on it.
  5. Attempt to hide your yawn so you unintentionally look like you're having a miniature seizure.
  6. Be the first person to wake up at a sleepover and just...lay there.
  7. Bring up an old topic 5 minutes after a new topic started.
  8. Try to hug someone who wants to handshake, so they go for a hug, but then...you go for the handshake.
  9. Walk past someone in a long, empty hallway while continuously deciding whether or not to make eye contact.
  10. While someone is doing dishes, slowly put another dish in the sink.
  11. Keep looking for something and then realize it was right in your hand the whole time.
  12. Keep laughing after everyone else has stopped.
  13. When in somebody's path, move to the side, and then when the other person moves, go to the side you were originally on. When the other person goes there, keep on sidestepping left and right until somebody gives up.
  14. Go to a party and then just...stand there. Don't have anything in your hands. Just stand there, in the middle of the room.
  15. Say goodbye to your friends and then realize they're not leaving yet.
  16. Check out more things with "thoughts"

But wait! There's more!

I remember a time on this site when there were only good thoughts that were actually thought provoking. In that time, there were no usernames either.

I wish there was a way to answer people's thoughts on this website. If i know the answer, i wanna share it rather than let it pass.

Trying to think of new thought makes you think of thoughts less.

What if once we were all unintelligent, inevolved creatures that got attacked by a virus that made our brains have thoughts and now here you are reading this. Good day.

You're reading all of these thoughts with the same voice in your head.

Sometimes i wonder if my thoughts are as big as a galaxy or as small as an atom.

Has anyone ever had a day when they wouldn't be ashamed to have a film of all of their thoughts in the past 24 hours shown to everyone they know.

I am thinking of all the thoughts that have made me start thinking...

Sometimes I wish there was some kind of reply button so I could correct other people's thoughts so they would fit my thoughts...

My impressive thoughts are dwindling! Think brain, think!

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