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People say that the brains is the only body part to name itself. I say they're wrong. The mouth also named itself.

Words are just uniform squiggles that you just happen to understand. Same with English. It's all just uniform noises that you just also happen to understand.

The word "evil" is the word "live" backwards.

A study said that 58% of the people in my country, wouldn't mind a gay neighbor. I'm still worried, though. Out of 100 people, that could be: 58 people who like Tom, and 42 who want to slap him for being different. April, 2015.

No matter what you do in life. Someones going to hate you or disagree with what you say or do. But no matter what, someones going to love you and agree with what you say or do.

Most people who claim to be Skeptics are actually Pseudo-Skeptics... look it up, if you don't know the difference.

Mac donalds have offically taken over the world if they have one in death valley...wait a second

This world is so complicated, we have to be educated for 18 years of our life, just to work at KFC.

It's cheaper to park on the sidewalk in Los Angeles by 50$ compares to parking on the side of the road. They're like OH YOU PARKED ON THE SIDEWALK, HILARIOUS! (KFB)

A lot of people spell breathe wrong on this site.

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