These are Thoughts

This place lets me know that I'm not crazy and that everyone isn't just a dream.

Love is an unexplained element of life like why Silverfish aren't fish.

You never know what is in front of you until you turn off your device.

Hot girls never have an awkward moment, people will just call it being cute. Peoople are dumb.

The sentence "this sentence is wrong" is a paradox. If the sentence is wrong, then it means that its right, if its right, it means that its wrong. Mind blown

To Do Lists

10 Things to Do with Diet Coke and Mentos
2 liter bottles work best, but if you want to use the cans instead, you go for it, champ.

14 Things to Do with a Potato
Just in case y'all needed a list.

13 Things to Do If You Suddenly Get Turned into Stone
Although it's unlikely this will ever happen to you, it's good to be prepared.

17 Ways to Be a Stupid Dumb Idiot
Why are you reading this list? You really are an idiot.

Waste Time on This Page
Can you make it to 15 minutes? We couldn't!

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You'd think after all that walking and eating almost nothing, Sam from the Lord of the Rings would have lost some weight.

When a girl spends time with a bunch of different guys after a breakup and claims to be doing this to fill a void, we all know which void is really getting filled.

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The amount of thoughts that i forget that would be great for this site is too damn high.

That moment when you make an inside joke and remember that you are the only one on the inside.

Why do people rate things out of 10 and use decimals? Doesn't that, you know, defeat the entire purpose of choosing 10 as your base number? Why not choose 100? People these days...