Best Thoughts

That awkward moment when you take your headphones out and realize how loud you've been singing.

Admit it, at least once in our life we have all tried to balance the light switch between the on and off position.

I remember a time on this site when there were only good thoughts that were actually thought provoking. In that time, there were no usernames either.

Its funny how dogs like our food but we dont like their food.

People say that the brains is the only body part to name itself. I say they're wrong. The mouth also named itself.

A study said that 58% of the people in my country, wouldn't mind a gay neighbor. I'm still worried, though. Out of 100 people, that could be: 58 people who like Tom, and 42 who want to slap him for being different. April, 2015.

Words are just uniform squiggles that you just happen to understand. Same with English. It's all just uniform noises that you just also happen to understand.

I love that feeling when you almost drop something, but somehow manage to catch it in a moment of freakish agility.

Someone once asked me to describe silence. I didn't respond.

"umop apisdn" is upside down, upside down!

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