These are Thoughts

What if life was just a book, and when you forget anything, it's just the author backspacing.

Find an empty shoe, and grab a ketchup packet. Cut a hole in the top, and put it in the toe of the shoe. Wait for your victim.

Imgine a world where looks didn't matter, it'd be a place of happier people.

Yesterday was National Day of the Ninja and I was completely unaware of it. Well played Ninja Day... well played

To Do Lists

15 Socially Awkward Things to Do Today
They are socially awkward and you can do them today.

20 Annoying Questions to Ask Siri
You could also ask these to an actual person, but human contact is a bit overrated.

10 Things to Do with Diet Coke and Mentos
2 liter bottles work best, but if you want to use the cans instead, you go for it, champ.

21 Things to Do While You're Not Wearing Pants
Keep your underwear on, folks. This isn't THAT kind of list.

Random Game Button

I hate when you have something really important or funny to say and when everyone is listening and you are about to say it, you forget the thought you had, :(.

Hide and Seek was totally created by two friends who wanted to ditch their hated third friend with minimal confrontation.

Some say the glass is half full, others say it's half empty. Me, I say it is full, just half with water and half with air.

The top of this page should not say that these thougts are all funny! many of them are actually deep and thought provoking.

Fish jerky is the ultimate insult to fish. First you take the fish out of the water, then you take the water out of the fish.

Go into a library and order a burger and fries. When someone responds that you are in a library whisper "can i have a burger and fries."

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