Things to Do with "talk to"

Fake Cry and see how many people look or talk to you(i did this to my crush).

Eat loudly next to someone til they talk to you.

Take your dog for a walk and talk to them like they are a real person. See how many people notice

Talk to strangers like you've known the for years, and use a different name each time you talk to them.

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Random Game Button

Put googly eyes on all of the food in the fridge. Put a walkie talkie in with it behind the ingredients so it is hidden. Make the fruit talk to the person that opens the fridge.

Put them together so they can talk to each other.

If you have an iPhone, talk to Siri.

Draw a faces on your fingers(one face per finger). Then talk to your fingers.

Walk up to someone and talk to them like you've known them for years.

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