Prank Call Ideas

Call crispy cream say " can I get a big Mack and a side of fries and a dr. Pepper?"

Call a friend with no caller id then ask if they have two shoes and then you ask more and more questions.

Call you're friend and tell them to stop calling you or bothering you.

Say maybe to their questions.

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Call Toys r us and ask if they have any catchamals and if they say "yes" tell them you better get back to the nest and go watch them.

Call your mom/dad on your phone and say loudly ''MY PHONE HAS BEEN STOLEN'' and watch then freak out.

When a telemarketer calls you, ask them if you can order a large pepperoni pizza.

Call dominos and ask them what they would like to order from pizza hut.

Call Chipotle and say "Can I have one, no two, of your finest burrito's with extra lettuce and 15 tortillas, but with a hard shell if that is possible?"

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