6 Weapons That Could Beat Glitter in a Fight

Glitter shows people no mercy. People shouldn't show glitter mercy, either.

  1. Damp paper towels!
    Pros: Will sort of clean other things simultaneously.
    Cons: Easily the most boring option.
  2. Dryer sheets!
    Pros: Softness beats sparkles!
    Cons: Also boring.
  3. Vacuum hose.
    Pros: The power of technology.
    Cons: Will make you look stupid if you try to suck glitter off your face.
  4. Lint roller!
    Pros: People love using lint rollers. If you don't, you're probably a very sad person deep down.
    Cons: People without pets don't usually have lint rollers. Sad times.
  5. Tape!
    Pros: Everybody's got tape.
    Cons: Tape is sticky and will probably betray you at some point throughout the fight.
  6. Balloons! With static!
    Pros: Harness the power of electricity to create glittery balloons.
    Cons: Could pop, which is often really scary for a split second.