Random Things to Do (When You're Really, Really Bored)

Text someone at 3 am and start talking about koalas and soup.

Hit a baseball when you get bored.

Try to stare at someone untill they walk away.

Play with Snapchat voice changers and sing a funny song.

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Random Game Button

Get a friend and when someone walks by pretend to fight with them over whether or not they should charge the people walking by for breathing the air that you were just about to breathe.

Did you hear about the kidnapping? He woke up.

Go to Starbucks and order a diet calorie free no sugar water.

Put a sweatshirt and sweats on backwards and go to walmart.

At night walk around find a stranger and creep them out.

I made this one especially long so you could keep procrastinating :) You're welcome.

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