Things to Do with "window"

Go to a clothes store, go in the front window and pretend to be a manikin.

Knock on the window until some notices then start having a conversation by mouthing words.

When you walk past parked cars with people in them, use their window as a mirror...

Stick your head out the window and tell the world that you are not afraid and you're gonna do a really super cool thing today, like beads or something.

Buy a pair of old socks,wrap them up,and thro it at someone's window and yell "GRANDMA LOVES YOU".

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Press your face against the window, make weird faces, lick the window and see how people react.

Stare at someone through your window and bark like a dog. Leave the window open to.

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Sit next to a window in class and reflect sun light off your watch into the teacher's eyes.

When driving down the road stick your head out the window and act like a dog and start barking at the car next to you.

Find a store at the mall with window mannequins, pose next to them and see if anyone notices.