Things to Do with "water"

Go outside with a friend, get them to drink a mouthful of water and try to make them laugh.

Put water on your hand, make sneezing noises and then empty the water on someone.

Dump buckets of water on the floor and slide on it with your under.

Get some water in your hands , sneeze then throw the water on some ones neck.

Have a water balloon fight with your siblings wearing pajamas.

Pour water in your hand, throw at the person in front of you and make a sneezing noise.

The water balloons at people that walk by then run in your wait in till there gone than do the same thing again.

Walk on water in your bath tub - posted by Karen Fiander.

Put a piece of bread on a water balloon then put the balloon on the ground watch the birds pop it.

Make a popcicle out of toothpaste and water and give it to your neighbor.


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