Things to Do with "water"

The water balloons at people that walk by then run in your wait in till there gone than do the same thing again.

Dump buckets of water on the floor and slide on it with your under.

Fill 100 water balloons and put them all on a trampoline see how wet you get.

Get out water bottle and fill it with warm water .See how many people you can fool.😁😁😁😁😁😁

Get some water in your hands , sneeze then throw the water on some ones neck.

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Put water on your hand, make sneezing noises and then empty the water on someone.

Put an alastic on the spray thing and when you turn on the water and it sprays the person if you don't have a spay thing use a quarter and tape it onπŸ˜‚.

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Pour water in your hand, throw at the person in front of you and make a sneezing noise.

Go up to someone with a cup full of water with a serious face and drink the water still with a serious face after done walk away like nothing happened.

Fill ziplock bags full of water and throw them at people.