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I remember a time on this site when there were only good thoughts that were actually thought provoking. In that time, there were no usernames either.

I wish there was a way to answer people's thoughts on this website. If i know the answer, i wanna share it rather than let it pass.

Trying to think of new thought makes you think of thoughts less.

What if once we were all unintelligent, inevolved creatures that got attacked by a virus that made our brains have thoughts and now here you are reading this. Good day.

You're reading all of these thoughts with the same voice in your head.

Sometimes i wonder if my thoughts are as big as a galaxy or as small as an atom.

Has anyone ever had a day when they wouldn't be ashamed to have a film of all of their thoughts in the past 24 hours shown to everyone they know.

I am thinking of all the thoughts that have made me start thinking...

Sometimes I wish there was some kind of reply button so I could correct other people's thoughts so they would fit my thoughts...

My impressive thoughts are dwindling! Think brain, think!

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