This Guy Flops Around Like an Actual Fish

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Draw a really bad drawing of a fish and write missing. Go in McDonalds crying and give the cashier the paper. Its hilarious -CC

Go to a dentists work place and start having a conversation with the fish there.

Fill a hamster ball with water and have your fish swim around the house.

Buy fish and put them in your pool. 🏊

Buy a fish from the market and put it on a leash.. Then walk it around.. Name it Lucky.

Dress like a mermaid and go to a fish store, and start crying.

Crawl out of the water at the beach, and start to act like a fish on land when you reach the sand.

Dress up as Ariel and in the fish section of a supermarket, start crying.

Text your best friend if the want to come over for a fish slapping party (see there responses) have a can of sardines (see the reaction)XD XD XD.

Make a lost fish poster.