Things to Do with "window"

Stand in a shop window like a dummy and when someone comes along jump out at them.

Go to a shop with mannequins in the window and pretend to be one.

Buy a pair of old socks,wrap them up,and thro it at someone's window and yell "GRANDMA LOVES YOU".

Go into a store, then to the window by the sidewalk and act like a manikin.

Go up to someones window and stare at them like they're crazy.

Stand in A window display at a store and wave to people who pass by.

Stare out the window like a creep and When you get noticed by someone ,Walk away.

Stand behind the window in a shop like a statue and when someone looks at you, ROAR at them.

Open the window and yell "I AM AWESOME".

Stick your head out the window of your car and bark at an open window.

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