Best Things to Do with "type"

Try to type your name with your eyes closed.

Go to Google and type "How to Google something".

If someone is watching you right now, open a new tab and type in "How to kill the person behind me".

Try to type your name with your nose seriously try it.

Terrible Prank Ideas

Go on YouTube and type in your name to see what comes up.

If you have the type of light switches where you can change how bright they are, make them darker as slow as you can while people are in the room and see if they notice. XD

Donate to any type of charity.

Go on an electronic device such as a phone, type a word and click a word that comes up on predictive text. Keep on going.

16 Really Weird Things to Do

Change all of the auto correct on a friend's computer or phone to correct everything they type to something else.

Go to Google then type in "Where is Chuck Norris" and click I'm feeling lucky.

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