Best Things to Do with "turn"

Draw pictures in total darkness and see how they turn out.

Make a cutout of a big bug, stick it inside a lamp shade and turn the lamp on!

Try to turn off / on the light switch from across the room by throwing things.

In somebody's house/flat turn as many things as you can upside down without them noticing.

Put tape over the TV remote's sensor. See how many people try and fail to turn the TV on.

Turn a large box upside down, get in it, cut a small hole to see through, and follow someone around, stopping abruptly when they turn around.

Get piece of paper, write turn over on both sides and give to someone dumb.

Follow people with a chair, and when they turn around, you sit down.

Stare at the back of someones head then see if they turn around like they have that "someone's watching me" feeling.

Secretly dance behind a stranger when they are not looking ,when they turn around stop and run away.

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