Things to Do with "thing"

Literally do the next thing on this list even though it is that stupid...

I remember when I thought the scariest thing in the world was my fan on high speed...

1. Help others in need....................... 2. Prank your siblings................................ 3. Name and make everything in your fridge, and when someone uses one of the things in the fridge, cry and complain about how he's dying. (ex) "Mom, your killing Henry! He has less milk." NOTE: PUT HAIRSTYLES AND EYES, AND CLOTHES ON THEM. DO EGGS TOO.

Sniff the nearest purple thing to you...DO IT!!! ... You know you want to.

At a sleepover, pretend to be dreaming and mumble weird things to the other person. In the morning act like nothing happened.

Get some peanut butter and rub it all over your door, then stare at it for a long period of time wondering why, why did you just get some peanut butter and rub it all over your door? What a silly thing to do.

Go up to someone and ask if the closest thing to them is theirs.

List a thing of reasons why you love your life.

Act like something everyone does is a big accomplishment or great thing, like having arms.

Hiss at anyone and anything you want. Just hiss. Like really loudly. Let it out. And don't be afraid to hiss at things like sunlight, too.

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