Best Things to Do with "thing"

Bring monopoly money to a store and buy the most expensive thing you can find (with the monopoly money).

At a sleepover, pretend to be dreaming and mumble weird things to the other person. In the morning act like nothing happened.

Hiss at anyone and anything you want. Just hiss. Like really loudly. Let it out. And don't be afraid to hiss at things like sunlight, too.

Literally do the next thing on this list even though it is that stupid...

Do the very next thing after this one.

Buy the most expensive thing in a shop and pay for it in pennies.

Go up to someone and ask if the closest thing to them is theirs.

Play truth or dare with a friend. Dare them to do the craziest thing you can find on this website.

Write on a piece of paper on one side: "this is how you entertain idiots, turn over" and write the same thing on the other side.

Act like something everyone does is a big accomplishment or great thing, like having arms.

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