Best Things to Do with "stare"

Sit in your front yard and just stare at people as they walk by... Bonus if you are dressed up creepily

Stand in the rain with your soaking wet hair over your face, and then when people walk by, stare at them until they stop. Take a couple of steps at a time until they freak out and run.

Look up and stare at nothing... then see how many people try to see what you are staring at.

When your standing in a crowd, stare up into the ceiling and see how many people look up with you.

Roll up into a little ball and start rolling around wait till someone notices you then stare at them till they walk away.

See how long you can stare at someone without them knowing.

Freak your teacher out by getting the whole class to stare at him or her while keeping a straight face and not moving or making any noise.

While in the car, stare at the person in the car next to you. When they look back, lick the window.

Get a friend at school to stare intently at the teacher without laughing.

Just stare at someone for an uncomfortably long time. works well in the middle of a conversation.

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