Best Things to Do with "read"

How dare you read this comment.

Sit in a public area and pretend to read a book, but hold the book upside down and see how many people notice.

Sit here and read this and then wonder why you wasted your time reading this.

In school, read your book upside down and see if your teacher notices.

Waste a day trying to read all of these. I know I have.

Read this comment. Now, stop reading. I said stop. STOP!

Play hide and seek, play as the seeker, and then read until the hiders come out to find you. You win, because you found them.

Go into public and read a book while its upsidedown.

Slam your head on your computer keyboard a few times .Try to read what you typed .

Google " things to do when you're bored" and read all of the ideas. You probably won't do any...

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