Best Things to Do with "pillow"

Have a pillow fight with yourself in your bedroom. Watch your mom's reaction when she walks into your room.

Make a pillow fortress.

Slide down the stairs on a pillow or a giant teddy (it's a great way to pass the time).

Walk into a room where a family member is sitting, and throw a pillow at them.

Throw a pillow at your sibling, friend, or someone else while they're asleep.

When it is dark, Climb up a tree and when someone walks past throw a pillow at them.

Play don't touch the lava by jumping from chair to chair to pillow and so on.

Try to fit your whole body in a pillow case.

Put an alarm under your brothers pillow set at 6:00 AM.

Bury yourself in pillows and pretend you are the pillow king.

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