Best Things to Do with "good"

If you are being bullied and cannot find any good comebacks just look on Google. (It really helps)

Help some body have a good day.;) :)

Find stray pets and try to find them a good home.

Ask a person on the street, "My good Sir/Lady, Why are you still standing here listening to my question?"

Use good grammar when submitting an idea.

Laugh for no good reason.

Try to fold a piece of paper more than 7 times.... Good luck! .

Search this website. It always has good stuff.

If you break something in a store and someone sees you, sing "like a good neighbor State Farm is there!" and stand like you're waiting.

If your in a good mood press like if your in a bad mood press the like button and maybe you will feel happier.

Have your own things to do with "good" to add? Send one in!