Things to Do with "door"

See how close you can get to an automatic sliding door without it opening.

Walk into a door and start a fight with it.

Bite an apple to make it look like the Apple logo. Super glue it to the door of the Apple store.

Go in a elevator and wait for the door to open and when it Does yell and make a scary face.

In a hotel, make sure no one's looking, knock on the closest door and run away.

Tape a potato to your neighbor's door knob.

Go to an elevator with someone in it and push all the buttons and run out before the door closes.

Go door to door in the winter time and try to sell snow to people.

If you live with someone, put oil on the door handle on the inside of their room.

Open your door and yell pulp to the people in the opposite room and shut the door instantly.

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