Best Things to Do with "door"

Whenever someone knocks on a door and you're on the inside, knock back at them. If the door has a window, pretend not to notice them.

When someone knocks on your door open the door and act like they are not there and look around for someone and then close the door.

Keep walking into a door until someone opens it for you.

Get some glad wrap and cover an open door and wait for someone to walk into it.

See how close you can get to an automatic sliding door without it opening.

Go to an elevator with someone in it and push all the buttons and run out before the door closes.

When your sister or brother go in the bathroom knock on the door and sing do you wanna build a snowman.

Knock on an someone's door and hand them a pencil. Leave.

Go to a grocery store and stand next to the frozen section. when someone opens the door start singing " ice ice baby."

Go in a elevator and wait for the door to open and when it Does yell and make a scary face.

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