Best Things to Do with "clothes"

Take off your clothes and put it back on but but your shirt on legs.

Go to a public place and yell "HEYYY YOU THERE WITH THE CLOTHES ON." See how many people look at you.

Go to a clothes store, go in the front window and pretend to be a manikin.

Literally put on ALL of your clothes and waddle like a penguin out of your house. Watch people's reactions

Go to a store, dress up in clothes there, and pose w/ the mannequins. see who notices.

Throw all your clothes and blankets in a corner and make a tunnel through them.

1. Help others in need....................... 2. Prank your siblings................................ 3. Name and make everything in your fridge, and when someone uses one of the things in the fridge, cry and complain about how he's dying. (ex) "Mom, your killing Henry! He has less milk." NOTE: PUT HAIRSTYLES AND EYES, AND CLOTHES ON THEM. DO EGGS TOO.

Dress up in funny clothes and do a fashion parade on the streets to creep people out ( see how many people look at you also you could Video it!). Tip: do this in front of your house so you can change quickly

Hide in the bushes in futuristic clothes and pretend to fall out in front of someone.

Go to a clothes store, pretend like you're a mannequin, and whenever someone walks by, follow them with your eyes.

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