Best Things to Do with "click"

Google "pickle person" then click images.

Get your neighbors attention, and look at one of the craziest ideas on the site, and then click the check arrow. The reaction is priceless XD

Google search your name and click the first search result ;).

Every time you click on your mouse act like you are being electrocuted.

Search up Google gravity on Google and click the first link. so cool!

Go on an electronic device such as a phone, type a word and click a word that comes up on predictive text. Keep on going.

Go on YouTube and go to the video "Cooking by the Book but Stephanie, Ziggy, Pixel, and Stingy Can't Keep Their Voices Down." Turn up the volume as high as it can go, click "play," and run to another room.

Go to Google then type in "Where is Chuck Norris" and click I'm feeling lucky.

Go to Google Translate and type in "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay." Turn your volume all the way up, click the speaker button, and laugh uncontrollably.

Google search I'm underwater and click the first link! It's really cool!

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