Best Things to Do with "better"

Stay on this website till you find something better to do.

Be on this website just because there is nothing better to do and you are bored.

Keep looking at all the stupid ideas on this website until you can think of something better to do. Wait. You're doing that already.

Go to a hospital and send your day making kids feel better and happier. ☺ ☻ ♥ ♥ (hugs too!)

Walk into a Walmart and start talking about how target is way better then Walmart.

Make a young kids day better by giving them a hug.

Go to a shopping mall and ask the cash register if they sell better lives..... Don't judge me.

Make a talk show on your phone the only thing better then that is watching it 4 years after you made it.

Get a batch of strawberries and go up to a store clerk and suggest that they get better bananas.

Get a rescue puppy. It will make both lives better :).

Have your own things to do with "better" to add? Send one in!