Best Things to Do with "annoy"

In computer class, push shift 5 times, turn on sticky keys, then annoy people with the beeps.

Annoy your siblings with an annoying theme song that they hate.

Just annoy people for no reason.

Go annoy someone by touching them over and over and if they don't respond, act like your going to lick them.

Annoy people in your household by blasting annoying songs.

Listen to music and blast it at full volume to annoy people.

When on the top floor of a really tall building with a really slow elevator, press "ground floor" and annoy the person next to you.

Listen to little Einsteins to annoy your siblings.

Follow someone around and annoy them like singing an annoying song.

Were pop cans on the bottom of your shoes for the rest of the day so they clack and annoy ppl.

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