Try and lick your elbow, bet you cant do it!

Get some peanut butter and rub it all over your door, then stare at it for a long period of time wondering why, why did you just get some peanut butter and rub it all over your door? What a silly thing to do.

Superglue a quarter onto the sidewalk and watch people try to pick it up!

Eat an entire pizza, then go to the gym.

Run down the road in your pj's early on a Sunday morning.

Run around in all of the aisles with a toy horse stuffed animal head on a stick and act like a knight and be very dramatic about it!

Fill a whoope cushion with some hot liquid(like coffee) and place it on a chair. Make sure the tip is leaning up against the back of the chair, so when someone sits in it, it'll go right up the back of their shirt. Don't burn them, though.

Try to make bacon pancakes with your friends.

See how much whipped cream you can fit in your mouth until you either stop breathing or it falls over.

If you own one of these, try to sneak a phone, ipad, iPod, Mac, or any other portable device under your pillow and play on it at night. See if you can beat my record of 9:30pm to 5:54am straight.

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