Text someone, "Do you see me outside?" When they say no, say, "Yes! My invisibility cloak works!".

Text your friend " Do you have a pickle?" And see what they respond

In class, turn your text book upside down while reading. How long till teacher notices??

Change your name in your friend's phone to Darth Vader after deleting previous messages then text them from your phone "Luke I am your father".

When someone is texting you text them and tell them that you can't find your phone.

Text someone and say you're stranded on an island with no phone signal.

Go to a phone store with a regular apple and complain you can't text with it.

Text someone saying "this is not a text".

Text your friends the word "Carpet". Don't respond to whatever they reply

In class open your textbook and say my books trying to eat me someone kill it.

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