Text Ideas

Text your friend "I lost my phone".

Send😦 a😦 sad😦 message😦 to😦 1😦 of😦 your😦 contacts😦 and😦 do😦 this😦.

Text your friend: were 2 bacons in love.

If someone texts you don't reply for 10 minutes, then say, "sorry. I was to busy giving my unicorn a bath.

Send them hitler x Jesus a romance chapter 3 from you tube.

Text a friend "wait... What's your number/email again?" And wait for their reply.


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Text someone, have you heard about harambe?

Spam emojis, then when they reply, send question marks. See what their reaction is.

Sit in your house and text people in that household then stair at them while waiting for a reply.


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