Things to Do with "teacher"

Complain to your math teacher that you cheated on your homework because your dog barked out the answers.

Freak your teacher out by getting the whole class to stare at him or her while keeping a straight face and not moving or making any noise.

Get a friend at school to stare intently at the teacher without laughing.

Ask your math teacher "when will we use this?" for every lesson.

Switch names with someone on the 1st day of school and see how long it takes the teacher to find out.

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When your teacher ain't looking get everyone to move their desk a little forward silently and see how far you can get to the front of the class without the teacher finding out.

In school, read your book upside down and see if your teacher notices.

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At school, get the whole class to act really stupid for a day and see if the teacher mentions it.

Tap a pen on the table and see how long it takes until the teacher spots you.

When you don't get your homework done, actually use the exuse, "My dog ate it." and see how your teacher reacts.