Things to Do with "stare"

Sit in the middle of a neighborhood street in a lawn chair reading a news paper, if a car comes by wait for it to honk at you then stare at it. (Bonus: pull out a air horn and honk back at it)

Stare at someone, and when they look at you, stare directly into their eyes until they look away.

See how long you can stare at someone without them knowing.

Make a weird face and just stare at someone and see what they do.

Go to Walmart and hide in the freezers and just stare at people when they pass.

Do the hokey pokey in the public bathroom. See how many people stare at you and try to get others to join in.

Look at the floor curiously and really stare at it to see if people join in.

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Stare at a sign like it's very fascinating until someone stops and stares, when the do walk away like nothing happened.

Stare at someone until they stare back at you and see how long it takes for them to look away.

When your standing in a crowd, stare up into the ceiling and see how many people look up with you.


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