Things to Do with "somebody"

Get a spray bottle, fill it with water. pretend to sneeze on somebody and spray them with the water.

Act like you licked you hand(with somebody looking)and touch them.

Tie a dollar to the string. Hide. and pull the string when somebody comes see if they chase it.

Creep somebody out by moving toward them without them seeing you actually move. (Preferably in a place with a spooky atmosphere and/or while making creepy faces at whoever you are doing it to.)

Go up to somebody and start reading off a list of terrible puns and see how long it goes for.

Tell somebody a really bad joke and laugh super hard.

Sit on a swivel chair in an elevator. When somebody walks in, turn around and stare at them like they are a walking onion

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Follow somebody at a store and spray whatever they touch with disinfectant.

When somebody raises their hand at school high five them or wave back.

Stay behind somebody and every time they turn, keep moving behind them so they can't see you. See how long you last until they notice you


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